Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 701 S. 24th Street & 2243 Jones Street

Year Built: 1894

Architect: William F. Gernandt

Builder: John Soderberg Co.

Style: Sullivanesque

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 11/20/2009

The Anderson Building is a mixed-use three-story brick and terra-cotta Sullivanesque building located among other two to three story multiple bay/multiple lot commercial and apartment buildings on the Southwest fringe of downtown Omaha. It fills the square shaped property completely at the basement and first floors and changes to a “U” shaped plan on the second and third floors, with the open end of the “U” facing the rear (South side) of the property. The building includes two primary facades that reflect its multiple functions. A commercial façade containing 5-store fronts aligns with South 24th Street on the west, and a residential façade offers access to the apartments from Jones Street to the north.

This apartment building meets the criteria outlined for the Commercial Apartment building type as described in the Multiple Property Document (MPD) “Apartments, Flats and Tenements in Omaha, Nebraska from 1880-1962.” It was constructed in Omaha in 1924, is three stories in height, contains 30 apartments, five commercial bays and fills the entire lot.

National Register Nomination Document

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