Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: Cuming Street to Hawthorne Avenue, Glenwood Avenue to 33rd Street

Year Built: 1889-1922

Architects: Various, including Fowler & Beindorff, Dietrick, Guth, and Henninger

Designated Omaha Landmark Heritage District: 12/20/1983

The Bemis Park Landmark Heritage District is notable for its mix of late nineteenth and early twentieth century structures and its curvilinear, tree-lined streets. The uniquely platted area was the first subdivision in Omaha to be laid out with respect to the topography rather than the more typical grid pattern common to frontier cities of the time. The architecture of the district is quite varied and includes good examples of Queen Anne, Arts and Crafts, and Neo-Classical style buildings as well as vernacular structures. The district includes a park donated to the city by the subdivision’s developer George Bemis and designed as a part of the then developing Omaha parks and boulevard system.


Local Landmark Designation Report


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