Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 3105 North 24th Street70 North Presbyterian Church

Year Built: 1910

Architect: F.A. Henninger

Builder: Unknown

Style: Neo-Classical Revival

Designated Omaha Landmark: 1/22/1985

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 3/20/1986

Calvin Memorial Presbyterian Church is architecturally significant to Omaha as a fine example of the Neo-Classical Revival Style of architecture, taking formal inspiration from several buildings of the 1898 Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition that had been held nearby. Historically, the church reflects the change of North Omaha from an affluent white suburb to a black inner city neighborhood and the manner in which many area churches were established, changed ownership and merged. Built as North Presbyterian Church in 1910, the building housed several different congregations until 1954, when Calvin Memorial Presbyterian Church was formed as an integrated congregation. The church is a prominent landmark in the North Omaha community.

Local Landmark Designation Report

National Register Nomination

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