Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: Spanning Dodge Street west of Happy Hollow Boulevard

Year Built: 1968

Architect: William H. Durand (Durand Jackson and Associates, Inc.)

Builder: Foster-Smetana Company

Fabricators: Omaha Steel Works

Style: Box-girder steel bean, Modern design

Designated Omaha Landmark: 3/3/2004

In the late 1960s and 1970s, concern for the safety of schoolchildren led the city to develop a pedestrian overpass system, of which the Dodge Street Pedestrian Bridge was a part. Constructed in 1968, the bridge spans one of the city’s busiest east-west thoroughfares, Dodge Street, and connects the southern edge of Elmwood Park with the northern edge of Memorial Park. Durand, Jackson, and Associates, Inc. designed the bridge, an S-shaped structure with minimal supports. The result won rave reviews and even secured an award as “Most Beautiful Bridge” by the American Institute of Steel Construction in 1969. As the most gracefully designed of the dozen overpass bridges constructed, the Dodge Street Pedestrian Bridge remains an enduring legacy of this short-lived city-led initiative, which effectively ended in 1980.

Local Landmark Designation Report

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