Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: Jones Street, 20th to 23rd Streets & 701 S. 22nd St.

Year Built: 1916-1921

Builder: Drake Realty Construction Company

Style: Georgian Revival and Prairie

Designated Omaha Landmark Heritage District: 12/19/1978

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 11/10/1980

Constructed over a five year period between 1916-1921, the Drake Court & Dartmore Apartments were designed, financed and constructed by William B. Drake, owner of the Drake Realty Construction Company. The complex of 19 apartment buildings were designed with Georgian Revival and Prairie Style details. A prolific builder, Drake held more than four million dollars worth of apartments throughout Omaha in 1925. Eventually competing with himself by over-building, Drake ultimately was forced into bankruptcy.   The Ansonia Apartments, located adjacent to the Drake Court and Dartmore Apartment Complex, was added to the district at a local level in 1984.  Constructed in 1929, the Ansonia Apartments mimics its neighbors in massing and style. In 1988, a partnership between the Joslyn Castle Institute, Nebraska Investment Finance Authority, and the City of Omaha resulted in the rehabilitation of the apartment complex.


Local Landmark Designation Report

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