Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

LL 016 John A Horbach Building

Address: 1205-1207 Harney Street

Year Built: 1894

Architect: Louis Mendelssohn

Builder: Unknown

Style: Commercial

Designated Omaha Landmark: 6/19/1979

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Old Market Historic District: 3/23/1979

This commercial building, built by pioneer Omahan John Horbach, is located within the Old Market Historic District. Horbach came from Pittsburgh where he acquired a general knowledge of railway, steamboat and shipping operations. When he first arrived in Omaha Horbach established an outfitting house for wagon trains and western travelers. Through his business and real estate deals he became one of Omaha’s wealthiest citizens by the time he built this structure in 1894.


Local Landmark Designation Report


National Register Nomination