Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 3202 Parker Street

Year Built: 1858

Designated Omaha Landmark: 6/19/1979

Believed to be the oldest cemetery in Omaha, Prospect Hill Cemetery is the final resting place of many of Omaha‚Äôs early business leaders, mayors, and judges. Names on tombstones are familiar as those on city streets and buildings including Yates, Poppleton, Redick, Reed, Kountze Millard, Woolworth, Hanscom, and Krug. Byron Reed, an Omaha pioneer, formally organized Prospect Hill Cemetery. The site has been used as a burial ground from very early days. Native Americans and Mormons were buried there before Reed purchased the property in 1858. The Mormon Trail is reported to have been within a block of the cemetery. Also buried here is a notorious early Omaha couple-- "madam" Anna Wilson and riverboat gambler Dan Allen.

Local Landmark Designation Report



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