Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 6326 Hartman Avenue

Year Built: 1889 (1868 first recorded burial)

Designated Omaha Landmark: 4/2/1996

Originally located outside the city limits, the Springwell Danish Cemetery was established in 1889 on a ten acre tract of land northwest of the city of Omaha. Because of its distance from the city, a visit to the cemetery was often an all day affair. A streetcar traveled to Benson and from there visitors would walk the remainder of the way to the cemetery, often times spending the day picnicking on the cemetery grounds. Danish immigration to Omaha began in the late 1880’s and continued through the early 1910’s. Most of the people interred in Springwell Cemetery are either Danish or of Danish descent. The oldest grave is that of Lars Jocumsen, a farmer from the area. The grave is marked by an obelisk that dates from 1868. Among the notable Omaha Danes buried at Springwell Cemetery is Col. Sophus Neble. Neble was an early owner of the Danish Pioneer, a weekly newspaper started in Omaha in 1872 that remains in circulation today.

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