Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 638-40-42 South 19th Street & 1906-08-10 Jones Street

Year Built: 1909 & 1911

Architect: Joseph Guth

Builder: Joseph Kettnacker

Style: Renaissance Revival

Designated Omaha Landmark: 3/17/1992

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 7/3/1991*

These structures embody the distinctive characteristics of a property type important in Omaha history, the rowhouse. As the largest metropolitan area in Nebraska, Omaha contains the greatest number and variety of rowhouses in the state. The primary incidence of rowhouse construction in Omaha coincides closely with two periods of economic boom in the city:

  • the first row approximately 1886 to 1890
  • the second during much of the first quarter of the twentieth century.

Both periods saw tremendous growth accompanied by a critical need for housing of various types. The rowhouse was used extensively during both boom periods. Stylistically, the Steiner Rowhouses exhibit elements associated with the early twentieth century Renaissance Revival style. Both structures were completely rehabilitated in the early 1990’s for use as apartments.

*The Steiner Rowhouses were listed as two separate properties with two separate nomination forms in the National Register of Historic Places

Local Nomination case file

Steiner Rowhouse #1 National Nomination pdf

Steiner Rowhouse #2 National Nomination pdf

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