Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 500 South 18th Street

Year Built: 1921-1922

Architect: John and Alan McDonald

Builder: Vaughn & Co.

Style: Commercial

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 7/3/1979

Standard Oil Company commissioned architects John and Alan McDonald to design the headquarters for its Nebraska division in 1921, a time when the company was the state’s main source of petroleum products. The exterior of the six-story “flagship” headquarters is clad in face brick with limestone detailing. Beginning in the late 19th century the Nebraska division of Standard Oil Company was well represented throughout the state with filling stations, retail outlets, and distribution centers located in many towns and cities. After the company’s sale in 1939 to the Indiana division of Standard Oil Company, the building continued to serve a commercial function for other enterprises. Today the building is more commonly known by a later acquired moniker, the Law Building.

National Register Nomination Document

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