Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 2024 & 2107 North 16th Street

Year Built: 1905-1916

Architect: Fredrick Henninger

Builder: Robert C. Strehlow

Style: Eclectic, with Prairie School & Sullivanesque influences

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 12/23/1986

Strehlow Terrace, also referred to as the Terrace Apartment Garden complex, is an integrated grouping of residential buildings northeast of the downtown business district. Client/builder Robert C. Strehlow, a famed contractor of world’s fair in the early 20th century, worked with Omaha architect Frederick Henninger on the plan for the site and associated structures. The buildings were constructed over a 10-year period beginning in 1905 and included three multi-unit apartment houses – the Majestic, the Strehlow, and the Roland; a one-story community house; a two-story private residence for Strehlow; and a garage/apartment. Much like structures at turn-of-the-century exposition sites, all of the buildings, except the garage/apartment, were arranged around a landscaped central courtyard. Strehlow’s work at Omaha’s 1898 Trans-Mississippi Exposition and later fairs likely influenced his overall plan for the site while Henninger’s design for the structures reflected the evolution of architectural styles during the complex’s ten-year development. In the 1990s, the result of Strehlow and Henninger’s successful collaboration was reinvigorated when the Omaha Housing Authority rehabilitated the entire complex for use as low-income housing.

National Register Nomination Document

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