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Prague Hotel 2 thumb medium300 0Address: 1402 South 13th Street

Year Built: 1898

Architect: J.P. Guth

Builder: T.J. Lund

Style: Late Victorian Renaissance

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 5/29/1987

The Prague Hotel, built in 1898, is located in an area that was once an ethnic enclave for Omaha’s Czech population. The Omaha Brewing Association, which later became the Storz Brewing Company, commissioned the building as a social and cultural gathering spot for the neighborhood’s residents. Architect J.P. Guth integrated a variety of architectural styles popular at the time into the design, giving the three-story building an eclectic appearance. The original layout incorporated a tavern and restaurant on the first floor, hotel rooms on the second floor, and a dance hall on the third floor. In 1915, the dance hall was converted to hotel rooms to accommodate additional guests. Although the neighborhood’s Czech population dwindled over the years, the building remained as a restaurant and hotel operation until 1985. Rehabilitation work undertaken in the 1980s converted the upper stories to apartments with commercial spaces below.

National Register Nomination Document

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