Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 305 South 16th Street

Year Built: 1916

Architect: F.A. Henninger

Builder: Unknown

Style: Sullivanesque

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 07/19/1996

The Rose Realty-Securities Building, completed in 1916 for use as office and retail space, was commissioned by the Rose Realty Company and designed by architect F.A. Henninger. In his scheme for the six-story building, Henninger found inspiration in the work of master architect Louis Sullivan. Sullivan is famed for his imaginative interpretation of classical principles and his wholly original approach to building adornment. Sullivanesque elements are visible in the tripartite division of the building into base, shaft, and capital as well as the lively application of terracotta and limestone ornamentation. The Rose Realty-Securities Building is distinct as the only office building in the city designed in the Sullivanesque style.

National Register Nomination Document

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