Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 22nd to 24th Streets, Harney to Landon Court

Year Built: 1885-1930

Style: Various, including Arts and Crafts, Prairie, Shingle

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 10/15/1996

The Howard Street Apartment District, located just west of the city’s downtown core, contains sixteen apartments, row houses, and double houses constructed between 1885 and 1930. The buildings represent a variety of architectural styles, including Arts and Crafts, Prairie, and Shingle. Districts like this emerged as transportation lines improved around the turn of the century and people of moderate means could afford to move further away from the crowded conditions of downtown. Developers like Ernest Sweet and Bryon G. Burbank took advantage of this dispersing population and built compact districts of dwelling units on land formerly occupied by large single-family homes. Today, the Howard Street Apartment District is the best surviving example of a densely built multi-family dwelling area on the outskirts of Omaha’s Central Business District.

National Register Nomination Document

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