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Address: 1024 South 24th Street

Year Built: 1912

Architect: Jacob Nachtigall

Builder: Unknown

Style: Romanesque Revival

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 3/16/1998

South Omaha’s Catholic Polish community built Immaculate Conception Church and School to serve their ethnic, religious, and educational needs. The school, a simple brick building, was completed in 1912. The church, designed in the Romanesque Revival style, was constructed over a decade later, in 1926, to accommodate a growing congregation. The church’s architecture is more ornate than the school with belts of brickwork coursing across the exterior walls, two prominent towers announcing the main façade, a large rose window above the front doors, and arched window and door openings throughout. A later addition to the complex, a mid-century auditorium with simple modern detailing, was constructed in 1952. While the parish now serves a congregation beyond just the Polish community in its church and auditorium, the school, no longer needed as an educational facility, is used for low-income housing.

National Register Nomination Document

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