Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 901 Dodge Street

Year Built: 1917

Architect: John MacDonald

Builder: Unknown

Style: Commercial

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 7/23/1998

Louis Kirschbraun commissioned well-regarded local architect John MacDonald to design a warehouse for his thriving creamery business. The five-story brick building, completed in 1917, is located in a section of downtown historically used for commercial warehousing and wholesale jobbing.  Although the creamery’s purpose was primarily utilitarian, MacDonald envisioned an elegant structure with terracotta details and an elaborate main entranceway. Kirschbraun & Sons Creamery operated out of the warehouse until the 1930s. Successive cold storage facilities used the building through the 1950s. In recent years an addition joined Kirschbraun & Sons to its western neighbor, Hospe Music Warehouse, and the two buildings became a hotel.

National Register Nomination Document

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