Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 319 South 17th Street

Year Built: 1911

Architect: John Latenser, Sr.

Builder: Unknown

Style: Sullivanesque

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 1/25/2000

A renewed sense of economic stability coupled with the city’s growing population led to the construction of large-scale buildings like the Keeline in an area previously occupied by single- family residences. Architect John Latenser, Sr. adorned the seven-story red brick building, completed in 1911, with brick pilasters to emphasize the verticality of the structure. Terracotta detailing was then used to ornament the base and cornice.  Expansive openings on the ground level encouraged the use of those spaces for commercial purposes while offices occupied the upper levels. Today the area around the Keeline remains a commercial district with residences, entertainment venues, and government buildings interspersed with offices and retail stores.

National Register Nomination Document

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