Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 1624 Webster StreetNR 115 M F Shafer Co Building bw

Year Built: 1917

Architect: John and Alan MacDonald

Builder: Unknown

Style: Commercial

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 10/21/2002

The M.F. Schafer & Co. Building, a five-story brick structure, is located north of downtown, in an area that developed during an economic boom period stimulated by the production needs of World War I. The father-son architectural team of John and Alan MacDonald designed the basic rectangular building of concrete construction with simple ornamentation and large multi-paned industrial windows. The building originally housed a printing company but within a decade became used strictly for warehouse space. The O’Keefe Elevator Company was one long-term tenant and subsequent owner of the building that stored products here. In recent years, Creighton University acquired the building for use as offices.

National Register Nomination Document

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