Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 2502 Lake Street

Year Built: 1913

Architect: Clarence W. Wigington

Builder: Unknown

Style: Craftsman

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 1/25/2007

The Broomfield Rowhouse is a two-family home located one block west of North Omaha’s commercial core along Lake Street. Jack Broomfield commissioned the building from Clarence Wigington to provide housing for some of the city’s growing population. Winginton is a celebrated early African American architect who received his education under the guidance of prominent architect T.R. Kimball. Winginton’s distinct talent is reflected in his design for the Broomfield Rowhouse, completed in 1913. While the overall form is a simple rectangle with flat roof, Winginton skillfully applied Craftsman details to create an aesthetically pleasing building that endures to the present.

National Register Nomination Document

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