Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 2216 N. 24th Street

Year Built: 1923

Architect: G.P. Prinz

Builder: Unknown

Style: Commercial

Designated Omaha Landmark: 12/14/2003

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 12/27/2007

Around 1940, this simple brick commercial building in North Omaha became home to the Omaha Star, an important news resource for Nebraska’s African American community. Designed in 1923 by architect G.P. Prinz, the building originally housed a funeral home for Allen Jones. Prinz’s use of brick and limestone details to ornament the primary facades is most visible in the six piers flanking the corner entrance and the addition of a parapet to add height to the one-story building. Mildred Brown, the Omaha Star’s founder, used the newspaper to celebrate the achievements and highlight the struggles of her local community as well as the greater African American population at a time when major media sources ignored or disparaged this portion of society. The Omaha Star’s acknowledged importance as a champion for the under-represented is reflected in the protection provided to the building by the Black Panthers during the Omaha race riots of the late 1960s. Brown’s quest for social justice and community betterment resulted in an award-winning newspaper with a far-reaching circulation that endures to the present. The Omaha Star continues to operate out of the building today.

Local Landmark Designation Report

National Register Nomination Document

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