Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 836, 840 and 842 Park Avenue

Year Built: 1920

Architect: B. Hene

Builder: Drake Realty and Construction Co.

Style: Sulivanesque

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 5/16/2008

The prolific Omaha development firm of Drake Realty and Construction Company, well versed in apartment construction, built the Terrace Court Apartments in 1920 for middle class people looking to move into modern units outside the downtown core. The company built quality residences at affordable prices by frequently employing a standard set of materials and plans for their various developments. For the Terrace Court Apartments the company borrowed a plan they had used previously, the Maltese cross plan, and applied it to the complex’s three buildings. Structural hydro-stone, a cast stone material that the company produced independently, helped accentuate the buildings’ façades. Terrace Court’s small but efficient studio apartments, combined with a convenient location close to streetcar lines, made the development an appealing prospect to many potential tenants. A recent rehabilitation to the complex ensures that the apartments remain a viable housing option for many years to come.

National Register Nomination Document

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