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Address: 3101 South 24th Street

Year Built: 1933

Architect: Harvey C. Peterson

Builder: John Lof

Style: Vernacular, with Art Deco features

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 12/13/2011

In 1933, the H. Thiessen Pickle Company constructed a manufacturing plant along a busy commercial corridor between Omaha and South Omaha and near a former spur of the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad. This location made it easy for the company to ship and receive necessary goods. Architect Harvey C. Peterson designed the brick and concrete industrial building with little decoration except around the main entry fronting 24th Street where elements of the Art Deco are visible. Founded in Omaha in 1898, the Thiessen Company used the plant to manufacture pickles, vinegar and other condiments under its own name, as well as for other labels. Despite surviving economically hard times like the Great Depression and both world wars, declining sales and stronger competitors led the business to close its doors in 1960.  Ak-Sar-Ben Beef Company then occupied the space until the early 2000s.

National Register Nomination Document

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