Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: Throughout the City of Omaha

Period of Significance: 1889-1961

Landscape Architect: H.W.S. Cleveland

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 04/23/2013

In 1889, renowned landscape architect H.W.S. Cleveland laid out a plan for the development of parks in Omaha, recommending that the green spaces be linked by a system of grand boulevards running through the metro area. The addition of parks and parkways to urban centers was a popular movement of the day incited by city leaders who wanted to create places of calm relaxation for area inhabitants. In line with Cleveland’s ideas about urban landscape design, the parks and boulevards he devised complemented or improved upon the existing contours of the land. Notable features of the 12 parks and 20 miles of parkway laid out by Cleveland, many of which are still visible today, include broad vistas, curving paths, and the addition of pleasing landscape features like lagoons and rows of trees. While Cleveland was only involved in the planning process early on, his ideas guided the arrangement of Omaha’s parks and boulevards for many decades thereafter.

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