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Jobbers Canyon 284

Address: 6 1/4 blocks bounded by 8th, 10th and Jackson Streets and approximately Farnam Street

Year Built: 1888-1932

Architect: Various, including Fowler and Beindorff, John Latenser, Henry Voss, Thomas Kimball, Charles Cleves, Fisher and Lawrie, Frederick Clarke, George Prinz

Style: Various, including Renaissance Revival and Renaissance Revival

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 10/24/1986

The "Jobbers' Canyon" Historic District was a six-and-one quarter block area in the eastern section of downtown Omaha comprised of large scale primarily early twentieth century brick warehouses, brick and cobblestone streets, docks and dock-canopies and rail spurs. The canyon-like area created the massive brick jobbing houses that lined south Ninth Street in a unique urban streetscape in the city. The district was comprised of 22 contributing warehouse buildings and 4 non-contributing buildings. Most of the buildings were demolished in 1989 to make way for Conagra's new downtown headquarters.


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