Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

4 Cabanne Archaeological Site

Address: Rural Douglas County

Year Built: 1822-1840

Type: Archaeological Site


Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 05/05/1972


In 1822 the firm of Berthold, Chouteau and Pratte, more commonly known as the "French Company," built this fur trading post on the Missouri River north of present-day Omaha. It was operated by John Pierre Cabanne until 1833. Joshua Pilcher assumed command of the post in 1833-35 until its abandonment in the early 1840s. The post's success was bolstered in part by its ability to provision the garrison at nearby Ft. Atkinson (1819-27). The, post consisted of a row of storehouses, shops, and houses, including Cabanne's large two-story home with a balcony facing the river.