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Address: 1015 S. 30th Avenue

Year Built: c. 1886

Architect: Unknown

Builder: Unknown

Style: Folk Victorian / Eastlake

Designated Omaha Local Landmark: 2015/09/29

The Ernest P. Buffett house is a representative example of folk Victorian Eastlake residential architecture in an urban, middle-class setting. Built circa 1886, the design of the house shows several key features of being a modified Palliser, Palliser & Co. mail-order cottage design from 1877-78. Despite over seventy years of use as an apartment building, the house retains a great deal of historical integrity inside and out.

The two-story, front-gabled frame home is located in the Himebaugh Place subdivision in midtown Omaha, not far from historic Field Club and Hanscom Park.  It is a vernacular or folk Victorian built circa 1886 with Stick/Eastlake characteristics and featuring a two-story cross-gable and a one-story wrap-around porch. On the east side is a 1.5 story gabled addition likely dating from the 1890s to 1900 and a small porch on the south.  The neighborhood includes a mix of single family, infill apartment and rowhouse residential building types.

Ernest P. Buffett lived in this house from 1904 to 1933.  Though internationally, the name “Buffett” is associated with Warren Buffet, successful investor and businessman, his grandfather, Ernest P. Buffett gained local and national renown for his leadership and innovation in the grocery industry during the first several decades of the 20th century. He guided the development of Buffett’s Store, including the opening of a new location in the prominent Dundee subdivision in 1915, for forty-four years. By the time Buffett’s closed in 1969, it had existed for an entire century and seen three generations of Buffetts at its helm.

This property was where Ernest Buffett lived when he made these contributions, and he resided there for twenty-nine years—longer than at any other location during his lifetime. This makes it the residence most closely associated with his life and career, which is why “Ernest Buffett House” is the preferred historic name for the house. The house also has the distinction of being the oldest remaining structure in Omaha associated with the Buffett family, since Ernest’s father’s home and original grocery store building no longer exist.

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