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125 Bennington State Bank sm

Address: 15411 S 2nd Street, Bennington

Year Built: 1911

Architect: Unknown

Builder: Unknown

Style: Commercial Bank

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 11/08/2006

The Bennington State Bank is a one-story commercial bank building located on South 2nd Street in Bennington. A small community located northwest of Omaha, Bennington was incorporated in 1892. When constructed in 1911 in the main street business district, Bennington was surrounded by a largely rural landscape. In 2006, however, the growth of the Omaha metro area has brought residential subdivisions within sight of Bennington. In the 2000 census, 937 people were residents of Bennington.

Built in 1911, the building is on the main street of the original business district. It is a 22’ wide, 40’ deep, 1 story structure with a primary façade that faces north.

The structure is a rectangular shape with walls made of rusticated concrete blocks. The front façade is faced with brick and cast concrete. The façade wall is faced with common sized golden yellow brick containing burgundy colored flecks. The trim bricks are burgundy hued and contain golden yellow flecking. In a single course, these darker burgundy bricks form a vertical line from the foundation up to a metal cornice. The burgundy bricks then form a horizontal box across the front façade, terminating in an open square on each side. The outside border of these squares is highlighted with small cast concrete squares. A larger cast concrete square is turned to form a diamond shape within each square. Immediately above this pattern is a metal cornice that features dentils. A cast concrete date stone stamped “1911” is centered in the stepped parapet which is then capped with cast concrete.

The Bennington State Bank is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places at the local level under Criterion A for its association with commerce in Bennington. The Bennington State Bank building retains very good integrity and remains easily recognizable as a former bank building in this small Nebraska community.

In 1911 the lot was purchased and construction began for The Bennington State Bank. Its design and use of materials exemplified prosperity and craftsmanship. Peter Bunz II became the president of the bank and his son-in-law Fredrick William Suverkrubbe was the Cashier. The Bank was instrumental to the growth of the community until the agricultural depression caused it to close in 1928.

The Bennington State Bank, constructed in 1911, is significant under Criterion A for its association with the development of commerce in Bennington. The presence of a bank in any community measures the success of that community. When this bank was constructed, it signaled optimism and prosperity to its community. For a few short years from 1911 to 1928, the Bennington State Bank helped shape the lives of those living in and around Bennington. Obviously important to the local business community as well as the local agricultural community, this bank was heavily invested in agriculture.

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