Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

Address: 907 South 25th Street

Year Built: 1911

Architect: Unknown

Builder: Vincent P. Chiodo

Style: Second Renaissance Revival

Designated Omaha Landmark: 09/27/1983

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places: 5/16/1985

The 1911 Florentine Apartment building, designed by Italian immigrant Vincent P. Chiodo, is a very unique and personal interpretation of the Second Renaissance Revival style of architecture. Chiodo arrived in America from Calabria 1885 and first worked as a tailor. Following a short return visit to Italy, Chiodo entered the Philip School of Design in Chicago and later returned to Omaha. After the turn-of-the-century he branched into real estate and was widely known as a builder of apartment houses. In 1929 Chiodo was Omaha‚Äôs only Italian millionaire. Chiodo, who built many structures in the neighborhood around the Florentine, was a very prominent man in his community. Each year members of a local parade group would stop and salute Chiodo as he watched from the porch of his home.

Local Landmark Designation Report

National Register Nomination Document

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