Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

The Meyer Collection is a series of large format black and white photographs taken by Lynn Meyer between the mid -1970’s through the 1990’s. Mr. Meyer worked as a city planner for the Omaha City Planning Department and was administrator for the Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission from 1980 to 2007.

The photographs are digital scans of 4x5 film negatives. No post production modifications or enhancements have been made to the photographs at this point. 

Therefore exposures often vary between images. Currently the photos are arranged in general categories without any detailed individual identification. The goal is to provide more detailed descriptions and photo enhancement over time.

If you have any questions or comments about the images in the following galleries or would like to obtain larger print quality images, please contact us. We hope you enjoy browsing through the following images. 

Bemis Park (50 images)

Blackstone (29 images)

Bridges (7 images)

Churches (47 images)

Commercial Buildings (162 images)

Country Club (2 images)

Downtown (81 images)

Grain (2 images)

Houses (78 images)

Neighborhoods (23 images)

North Omaha (105 images)

Old Market (48 images)

Parks (6 images) 

Schools (62 images)

South Omaha (41 images)

West Central (38 images)

Jobbers Canyon (310 images)

Name Streets (291 images)

Number Streets (305 images)

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