Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission


Below is a list of microfilm drawings from the Planning Department's archive. This is not a complete list of all drawings and most on the list are neither on the National Register nor the Omaha Local Landmarks list. This list will be continually updated as more drawings become available or discovered.  

Reels 18 through 31

Reel 1 1888-1900

1888_Brown Building_205 S 16th St

1888-1890_House Addition_J P Guth Architect

1888-1890_Theater Gallery_J P Guth Architect

1889-03-26_A C Powell Store & Flat Bldg_16th St Btw Leavenworth & Jones

1889-09-19_Pacific Express Bldg_14th & Harney

1889-10-01_M E Smith Whse_11th & Howard

1889-11-22_Deering Whse_801-803 Capitol Ave

1889-12-21_New Omaha Thomson-Houston Electric Light Co_4th & Jones

1890-04-05_McCague Bldg_15th & Dodge 

1890-07-08_United Presbyterian Church_Emmet

1890-07-29_U P Freight House_Jackson & Jones

1890-08-13_Bushman Whse_10th & Leavenworth

1890-09-19_St Joseph's Hosp_10th & Castelar

1890-10-08_G M Hitchcock Block_2006-20 Farnam

1890-10-08_John F Dillon Whse_1108-10-12 Nicholas

1890-12-23_Union Depot_10th & Marcy

1891_Brownell Hall_10th St

1891_Brownell Hall_842 Pine St

1891-06-05_John Rush Bldg_13th & Castelar

1891-06-23_Kellom School_24th & Nicholas

1892-06-18_Business Block_16th & Chicago

1892-08-04_West Omaha & Lothrop Schools_22nd & Lothrop

1892-10-01_Comenius School FKA Hartman School_15th St

1892-10-04_WA Paxton Whse_10th  & Jones

1892-10-05_McCord Brady Bldg_12th & Leavenworth

1892-10-07 Nebraska Telephone Co Exchange Bldg_18th & Douglas

1892-10-20_Public Library_18th & Harney

1892-11-04_Central United Church_24th & Dodge

1892-11-05_Storz Brewery_16 & Clark

1892-11-16_County Hosp_40th & Poppleton

1892-12-01_Central School Bldg_22 & Dodge

1893-03-06_Browning King_15 & Douglas

1893-05-03_P J Karback_1501 Howard St

1893-06-02_Hanscom Park Pavillion_29 & Hickory St

1893-06-17_Drexel Hotel_1605-7 Webster

1893-08-04_Center School_1730 S 11 St

1893-09-19_Long School_2520 Franklin St

1894-04-13_J A Horbach Bldg_1205-07 Harney St

1895-03-08_Creighton Theatre_Harney St

1896-01-23_G G Davidge_1802-06 Farnam St

1897-06-09_Castelar Presbyterian Church_2402 So 16 St

1898-03-16_Bemis Omaha Bag Co_1102-1118 Jones St

1898-03-22_Fred Krug Brewing Co_1314-16-18 Harney

1898-06-02_St Josephs Hosp_10 & Bancroft St

1898-07-08_Normandie Apts_1102 Park Ave

1899-06-20_Omaha Dental College_1202 Pacific

1899-07-05_School For Deaf_Bedford Ave

1899-07-13_Cass St School Bldg_1420 Cass St

1899-07-13_Pacific School_1116 Pacific

1899-10-11_JMS M Brown_10 & Jones

1900-01-25_Avery Mfg Co_1007 Leavenworth

1900-02-06_Deere Whse_10 Leavenworth

1900-02-20_JOS Gahm Bldg_12th & Howard

1900-03-30_Kingman Whse_923 Farnam St

1900-05-23_John Lee Whse_814-24 Harney

1900-08-13_Central High School_204 Cap Ave 


Reel 2 1900-1907

1900-09-11_P E Iler Bldg_12 & Howard

1900-12-19_Metz Bros Brewing Co Stables & Wagon Shed_6th & Leavenworth

1902-03-03_Barnard Apts_Park Ave & Leavenworth

1902-05-01_Joslyn House_40th & Davenport

1902-05-22_Bemis Omaha Bag Co_11TH & Jones St

1902-08-02_Omaha Paper Box Factory_15th & Leavenworth

1903-02-04_Nebraska Telephone Annex_18th - 19th Douglas

1903-08-31_Fire Engine House_16th & Jackson

1903-11-10_Franz House_4004 Webster

1903-11-12_Monmouth Park School_4508 N 33rd St

1903-11-27_Franciscan Monastery of St Clare_29th & Hamilton

1904-01-09_1st Baptist Church_29th & Harney

1904-06-18_Neville Bldg_16th & Harney

1904-06-22_F L Ames Whse_908-14 Jones St

1904-06-24_House of the Good Shepherd_40th & Jackson

1904-08-08_Moline Plow Co_804-6 Leon St

1905-03-22_J B Pierce Whse_10th & Howard

1905-03-27_Gayety Theatre_1514 Harney

1905-05-05_Nebraska Telephone Harney Exchange_3323 Harney

1905-05-15_Crane Co Whse_10th & Harney

1905-05-22_Allen Bros_917 Farnam

1905-07-08_Merriam & Holmquist Elevator

1905-07-19_S D Mercer_1102-12 Howard

1905-10-11_Webster & Sunderland Bldg_16th & Howard

1905-10-27_Omaha Casket Co_17th & Izard

1905-11-01_9th & Howard

1905-12-20_YMCA_17th & Harney

1906-04-26_Nebraska Telephone Whse_802 Farnam

1906-05-18_W H Burnham for US Supply_9th & Farnam

1906-05-31_C B Nash Bldg_9th & Farnam

1906-06-18_Ed P Smith_1313 S 34th St

1906-06-18_Lowe Ave Presbyterian Church_1023 N 40th St

1906-07-31_Store & Apt for Mrs Dufrene_1808-10 N Farnam

1906-09-29_Rome Hotel_16th & Jackson

1906-11-16_First Presbyterian Church_402-04-06 S 26th St

1907_Hotel Loyal_16th & Capital

1907-01-31_Temple Israel_29th & Jackson

1907-06-10_Sub-Station Omaha & Co Bluffs St Railway Co_27th & Lake

1907-06-11_St Roses Academy_22nd & Binney

1907-06-14_Independent Telephone Co_1910-14 Harney St

1907-06-27_Vinton School_21st & Vinton

1907-07-20_YWCA_17th & Harney


Reel 6 1913-1914

1913-12-11_St. Pauls Lutheran Church_2437-39 Evans St.

1914-07-09_Keene Hotel (remodel)_314-24 So. 18

1914-07-07_Walnut Exchange_4601-07 Izard

1914-06-26_Clarinda Apt. (add.)_3027 Farnam

1914-02-28_Arthur Metz Residence_37 & Dewey Ave

1913-04-30_Augustus Apts_208 So. 25 Ave 1914-03-28_Deaf Institute

1913-10-22_Harley Hotel_2002-4 Farnam

1913-08-26_Omaha Printing_1301-3 Farnam

1913-09-19_Omaha Cold Storage_801-13 Farnam

1914-06-29_Standard Oil Filling Station_29 & Harney

1914-05-16_Moving Picture Theater_1710 So. 10

1913-07-31_Sherman Garage_2409-11 No. 24

1913-08-22_Sweetwood Apts_416-18 Sweetwood Ave

1913-06-31_Store Bldg_2103 Farnam

1913-05-20_Independent Realty_2419-23 No. 24

1914-05-22_Kenmore Apts. (add. & Alt.)_1810-12 Chicago

1914-04-02_Wead Garage_2125 Farnam

1913-04-12_318-24 So. 12 1914-04-30_U.S. National Bank_1602-10 Farnam

1913-11-07_Apts_3501-03 Hamilton St.

1913-07-21_Fire Engine House_1202 Dodge

1913-07-31_Uncle Sam Breakfast Food_28 & Sahler

1913-07-31_Store Bldg (Summer Bros)_2801-3 Farnam

1913-07-31_Theresa Apts_2315-15 Harney

1914-07-06_Flora Apts._2557-61 Jones

1913-04-18_Collins Garage_2118-20 Cuming

1913-07-31_Store Bldg (Summer Bros)_2801-3 Farnam_2

1913-08-20_Saunders Kennedy Office Bldg_203 So. 18_2

1913-11-29_Rohrbough Bldg.(remodel)_1820-24 Farnam

1913-08-20_Saunders Kennedy Office Bldg_203 So. 18

1913-05-24_Immaculate Conception School_2710 So. 24

1913-08-06_Douglas Apts_211-13 So. 26 Ave

1913-12-21_National Printing Co_12 & Harney

1914-06-09_Warehouse_1117-9 Dodge

1913-04-20_Studebaker Garage_2552-56 Farnam


Reel 9 1915-1917

1917-05-17_Schafer Bldg._701 No. 17

1917-05-25_Metro Water District_39 & Lafayette

1917_Drake Apts._22 & Jones

1916-12-20_Creighton Bldg._1621-23 Davenport

1917-05-22_Hiatt Bldg._19 & Douglas

1917-05-31_Park School_29 & Woolworth

1916-12-21_Fairmont Creamery_1207-11 Jackson

1915_Cont. Bancroft School (Add.)

1916-09-15_Forrest Richardson Residence_5209 Webster

1916-12-14_Berkley Bldg._610-12 So. 15

1916-11-20_Sample Hart Garage_713-23 No. 18

1917-08-31_Wrhse. & Garage_113-23 So. 9

1917-05-09_Glenario Apts._5102-4 Capital Ave.

1917_U.P. Powerhouse 1917-05-22_Elevator_2928-3016 So. 28

1917-09-12_Rialto Theater_1414-24 Douglas

1916-12-04_Apt._NW corner 25 Ave. & Marcy

1917-04-25_Central Park Church_5005 No. 42

1917-02-13_Margolin Bldg._1820 No. 24

1917-07-17_Dr. A.P. Condon Residence_3620 Pacific

1916-12-19_City Hall_1714-24 Farnam

1916-11-29_Heyn Apts._2202-12 Capital

1917-02-06_Harris Garage_1313-17 Harney

1917-07-30_Druid Hill School_31 & Spaulding

1916-12-24_Morris Packing Co._27 & P

1917-07-30_Fitzgerald Garage_1517 Leavenworth

1917-03-30_Field Club School_26 & Hickory

1917-07-27_McCaffrey Garage_513-23 So. 15

1916-11-13_Old Peoples Home_3233 Fontenelle Blvd

1917-07-30_Fitzgerald Garage_1517 Leavenworth_2

1917-06-29_Gordon Van Storage_214-24 No. 9

1917-05-31_Burns Baking Co._912 No. 20

1916-12-27_Yates School_3252 Davenport_2

1917-04-04_Apts._626-32 Park Ave.

1916-09-26_3006 Harney

1917-01-10_Drake Apts._639-41 So. 18

1917-08-23_Apt. Bldg._2221-23 California

1917-05-31_Clifton Hill School_45 & Maple

1917-06-08_J.C. Barnard_3128 Harney

1917-02-26_Corlies Product_909-13 Dodge

1916-09-26_Douglas Printing Co._109-11 No. 18

1917-03-27_Keen Hotel (Add.)_1810-12 Harney

1917-03-27_Gross Apt. Bldg._621-23 No. 21

1917-05-07_Cackley_2622 No. 16

1916-10-13_Private Hotel_209 So. 33

1917-06-20_Updike Lumber_4852-54 Dodge

Reel 10 1917-1919

1919-04-15_Ralph Kiewit Residence_1007 So. 37

1919-04-24_Gordon Lawless Wrhse._812 Dodge

1919-07-25_Bee Bldg. (Remodel)_Farnam

1919-06-25_Omaha Steel Shop extension_48 & Leavenworth

1917-11-22_Warehouse_1319-23 Harney

1918_Packing Plant_4801 So. 38

1918-09-03_Metro Utilities Ice Plant_1224-29 Poppleton Ave

1919-01-08_Pipe Shed_1211-17 Dodge

1918-05-01_Sausage Plant_4726-28 So. 27

1918-04-01_Stottensberg Elevator (Benson)_6156 Military

1919-04-10_Drake Realty Wrhse._1124 So. 4_2

1918-04-24_Mailender Sausage Fct._5036 So. 26

1919-05-14_T.G. Kellogg Garage_5123 No. 24

1919-03-14_W.M. Burgess Residence (Alt.)_122 No. 22

1919-04-10_Drake Realty Wrhse._1124 So. 4

1919-05-07_Remodel Bldg._1314 Farnam

1919-07-01_Brandeis Store (Alt.)_16 & Douglas

1918-04-05_Douglas Mtr. Co._4022 No. 30

1918-10-09_Consumers Refinery_1114-34 No. 11

1917-11-26_Garage_1714 Jackson

1919-01-30_Omaha Bakers Supply_1313-15 Leavenworth

1919-03-21_Stoecker Apt. (Add.)_823 So. 24

1919-04-08_Traver Bros._2321 Harney

1919-01-29_Warehouse_715 So. 9

1918-04-08_Gospel Hall Church_1322 No. 45

1918-05-17_Foot Bridge_814-20 So. 10

1919_Mercantile Storage & Warehouse

1919-07-25_Warehouse_1024 Dodge

1919-03-29_Overland Tire_30 & Taylor

1917-11-30_Nw corner 18 & Dodge

1919-06-25_Omaha Steel Works_48 & Leavenworth

1917-09-29_Fire Engine House_1102 Jackson

1917-10-16_Randall Garage_2562 Leavenworth

1918-05-20_Alamito Dairy (Add.)_808-12 So. 26

1919-04-17_Remodel Nebr. Power Bldg. (Rem.)_421-23 Farnam

1917_Cont. Rialto Theater

1918-05-11_Pearl Memorial M.E. Church_5126 No. 26

1918-02-28_Nash Bldg. (Alt.)_1608 Harney

Reel 12 1920-1920

1920-02-27_Reuman Garage_3701 Leavenworth

1920-02-27_Service Station_SE corner Harney & Ark Ave.

1920-03-19_Selby Garage_3223 Harney

1920-02-10_Paxton Gallagher Viaduct_813-23 Jones

1920-02-10_Paxton Gallagher_813-23 Jones

1920-05_H.A. Wolf (Alt.)_1213-19 Leavenworth

1920-04-06_Wrhse._4 & Pacific

1920-01-10_Drake Realty Garage_2752-58 Farnam

1920-05-04_County Jail (Alt.)_1701-23 Farnam

1920-03-05_Overland Realty Co. (remodel)_315 So. 16

1920-05-10_H.H. Henningson Residence_1301 So. 36

1920-05-25_Garage_SW corner 38 & Dewey_2

1920_Mercantile Storage & Wrhse.

1920-05-11_Sweet Store Bldg_2402 Farnam

1920-03-23_W.O.W. Bldg. (Add.)_1315-23 Farnam

1920-02-05_Garage_2915 No. 16

1920-05-26_Harris Garage (Add.)_1307 Harney

1920-02-10_Gilinsky Wrhse. (remodel)_1102-6 Capitol Ave.

1920-04-17_Drake Realty Wrhse_3 & Pierce

1920-03-17_Katzman Garage_4107 So. 24

1920-04-03_Omaha National Bank (Alt.)_1213-19 Leavenworth

1920-05-21_Pacific Storage Bldg. (Add.)_707 So. 11

1920-04-16_Morris Packing Co_1309 Leavenworth

1920-02-25_Paulson Motor Co._4431 No. 20

1920-05-12_Brandeis Bldg. (Alt.)_202-12 So. 16

1920-05-25_Garage_SW corner 38 & Dewey

1920-04-29_Nebr. Power Co_4 & Leavenworth

1920-03-03_Mercer Bldg._NW corner 40 & Cuming

1920-03-18_Rolff Garage_2563-65 Leavenworth

1920-05-21_Duchesne College (Add.)_3613 Burt

1920-03-11_Armour Co. Wrhse._13 & Jones

1920-02-14_Drake Realty Apts._544 So. 25 Ave.

1920-02-10_Scott Garage_2659 Farnam

1920-05-21_Birkett Garage_812-18 So. 24

1920-04-09_Sample Hart Garage_1810 Cuming

1920-05-29_Auto Sales Bldg._2751 Harney

Reel 14 1920-1921

1921-01-19_Mill (Add.)_29 & B

1921-01-26_Scannell Bungalow

1921-09-09_Travers Bros. Apt._529 So. 29

1921-06-06_Garage_SE Corner 24 & Seward

1921_08-23_Wool Pulling Plant_NW corner 36 & K

1921-09-26_Royal Dry Cleaners_906 No. 24

1920-12-03_Drake Realty

1921-04-29_American Security Bldg._17 & Dodge B.

1921-08-15_Store Bldg._1309 Farnam

1921-07-05_Sunderland Bros. Marble Mill_NE corner 46 & California

1921-05-23_A.J. Volkman Residence_6860 No. 30

1921-01-11_10th Street Viaduct

1921-03-29_Federal Reserve Bank Bldg. (Alt.)_1219-23 Farnam

1921-05-23_Filling Station_SE Corner 30 & Ames

1920-11-29_Independent Realty_2

1921-07-30_Theater & Stores_2413-25 Ames Ave._2

1921-06-06_Garage_20 & Cuming

1921-02-08_Reliable Furniture Co._4928 So. 24

1921-09-09_Salvation Army Corp Bldg._1711 Davenport

1921-08-09_Standard Oil Station_6002 Military

1920-12-04_U.P. Railroad (Add.)_9th & Marcy

1921-06-01_Douglas Co. Hosp. (Alt.)_40 & Poppleton

1921-09-19_Gordon Lawless Wrhse._802-12 Dodge

1921-06-24_Nebr. Seed Co.(Alt.)_1210 Jones

1921-05-20_Garage & Store_115 No. 12

1921-06-30_Herzberg (Alt.)_1519-21 Douglas

1921-05-25_Lake School_NE Corner Willis Ave.

1920_Independent Realty

1921-05-31_John A. Swanson Residence_418 No. 38

1921-01-03_St. Bridget's Church_SW Corner 26 & F

1921-05-07_School_2923 Fontenelle Blvd.

1921-04-28_Apt. Bldg._554 So. 26_2

1921-04-28_Apt. Bldg._554 So. 26

1921-06-04_Apt. Bldg_Park Ave. between Mason & Pacific

1921-07-30_Theater & Stores_2413-25 Ames Ave.

1921-03-29_Garage_1812-20 California St.

1921-02-11_Store & Office Bldg_4819-21 So. 24

1921-04-11_Our Savior's Lutheran Church_2930 Izard

1921-05-20_Baker Ice Machine_1452-76 Evans St

1921-06-22_Salvation Army_2010 Sherman Ave.

1921-01-15_Union Postal Station_1102-06 Harney

1921-05-27_Chicago Lumber Co_NE Corner 14 & Pierce

1921-08-16_Store Bldg._NW corner 17 & Howard

1921-08-30_Remodel Boston Store_120-24 So. 16

1921-06-14_Omaha News (Add.)_213 No. 15

1921-03-21_Omaha Loan & Bldg. Assoc_NW Corner 15 & Dodge

1921-07-26_Bldg. Alterations_1514-18 Dodge

1921_03-11_Ice Plant_SW Corner 20 & Poppleton Ave.

1921-06-10_Apt. Bldg._136 No. 33

1921-06-06_Apt. Bldg. (Alt.)_219 So. 24

Reel 16 1922-1923

1922-04-07_Truscon Building Products Eng Dwgs_2006 Douglas St

1922-07-05_W F Megeath Residence_5209 Burt St

1922-07-08_Westminster Presbyterian Church_NE Corner 35 & Woolworth

1922-07-28_Boger Van Kuran Labor & Coal Co_24th & Boyd

1922-08-02_Blumenthal Stores & Garage_2906-14 Cuming St

1922-08-08_F D Wead Bldg_2908-12 Leavenworth St

1922-08-14_Advance-Rumely Thresher Co_NE Corner 9th & Farnam

1922-08-26_Humane Society_924 N 21st St

1922-09-01_Film Exchange Building for C W Calkins_1509-11 Chicago St

1922-09-01_Fire Station Christie Heights_SE Corner of 37th & P St

1922-09-02_Bankers Reserve Life Co_202-12 S 19th St

1922-09-05_Benson Baptist Church_SE Corner 64th & Maple

1922-09-13_First Lutheran Church_NW Corner 31st & Jackson

1922-10-04_Morton Park Pavillion_NW Corner 41st & W St

1922-10-10_Fire Station Engine House_5227 S 20th St

1922-10-23_Nebraska Consolidated Mills Co_1513 N 16th St

1922-11-21_Immanuel Baptist Church_2223 Pinkney St

1922-12-28_North High School_4410 N 36 St

1922-12-28_Sinclair Filling Station_SW Corner of 42 and Hamilton

1923_Garage for the Homes_415 S 18 St

1923-01-17_Garage Bldg for Mrs Brown_46th & Dodge

1923-02-15_B P O Elks Club Building No 39_SW Corner 18 & Dodge

1923-02-21_Garage for Sam Friedel_931 N 21st St

1923-02-28_E M Morsman ESQ Residence_520 S 38th St

1923-03-20_Bank of Benson_6108 Military Ave

1923-03-30_Benson Garret Residence_414 Arthur Bldg_3630 Burt St

1923-04-05_Goldenberg Packing Co_4732-36 S 29th St

1923-04-05_Walnut Exchange Alt & Add_SW Corner 46 & Izard

1923-05-14_Herzberg Store Bldg Additions_1519-21 Douglas St

1923-05-14_Store & Apartments Frieden_NE Corner 18th & Jackson St

1923-05-14_Store & Apartments Frieden_NE Corner 18th & Jackson St_Continued

1923-05-15_J C Jewel Bldg_SE Corner 24 & Grant

1923-05-17_Aquilla Court_Ira B Cook Properties_1601-29 Howard St

1923-05-22_Nebr Clothing Co Add & Alt_1416-18 Farnam St

1923-06-09_Filling Station U S Oil Works_16th & Jackson St

1923-07-31_Omaha Loan & Bldg Assoc Addition_1507 Dodge St

1923-08-21_Fairmont Creamery Company_12th & Jones Streets

1923-08-27_Fire Station for the City of Omaha_Parts 1 & 2


Reels 18 through 31