Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

For more information about the images in the following photo galleries, please visit the reconnaissance surveys portion of this website. If you have any questions or comments about the images in the following photo galleries or would like to obtain larger print quality images, please contact us. We hope you enjoy browsing through the following images.

1_2002_Omaha Benson (393 images)

2_2003_Central Omaha (1,109 images)

3_2004_Dundee (2,224 images)

3_2004_Twin Ridge (1,105 images)

4_2005_South Omaha (483 images)

5_2006_South Central (371 images)

6_2007_North Omaha (666 images)

7_2008_North Central (115 images)

8_2008_Elkhorn (95 images)

9_2008_Portions South (90 images)

10_2009_West Central (1250 images)

11_2009_Central and South Omaha (592 images)

12_2010_Millard (375 images)

13_2010_Mid-Century Modern (1,934 images)

14_2011_Downtown and Columbus Park (Recommended - 44 images)

15_2011_Hanscom Park Neighborhood

16_2011_Elmwood Park Neighborhood (651 images)

18_2015_Aksarben Neighborhood (178 images)