Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission


Creation of the Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission (LHPC)

In 1980 the City of Omaha city council found that the protection, enhancement, perpetuation and use of structures, districts and elements of historical, cultural, educational, architectural, engineering, or geographic significance located within the city was required in the interest of the prosperity, civic pride and general welfare of the people.  It further found that the economic, cultural and aesthetic standings of this city could not be maintained or enhanced by disregarding the heritage of the city and by allowing the destruction or defacement of such cultural assets (Sec. 24-22, OMC).  As such, a Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission (LHPC) was created with the director of the Planning Department of the City as the executive director.

In part, the purpose of the article included:
1.) designating, preserving, protecting, enhancing and perpetuating those structures and districts which reflect significant elements of the city’s heritage;
2.) fostering civic pride in the beauty and accomplishments of the past;
3.) stabilizing and improving aesthetic and economic vitality and values of such structures and districts;
4.) protecting and enhancing the city’s attraction to tourists and visitors;,
5.) promote the use of outstanding structures or districts for the education, stimulation and welfare of the people of the city;
6.) promote and encourage continued private ownership and utilization of such buildings and other structures now so owned and used, to the extent that the objectives listed can be attained.



In fulfillment of the goals and objectives of the Landmarks ordinance, studies, surveys and programs were designed to identify and evaluate structures, sites and areas worthy of preservation.  Reconnaissance Surveys of various Omaha neighborhoods have been conducted since the commission’s inception to also assist in identifying structures and districts throughout Omaha and for encouraging and achieving historical preservation, and make appropriate recommendations for districts and structures arguably eligible for designation as Local Landmarks.

Our new website contains a plethora of information, links and wonderful information related to the creation of the LHPC, National Register, the City of Omaha’s Preservation Program, Local Landmarks and much, much more. For further information on Local Landmark designation and all that goes with such designation, what it means, etc., please refer to Chapter 24 PLANNING Article II. LANDMARK HERITAGE PRESERVATION of the Omaha Municipal Code and the Preservation Program tab found on this website.

The following list contains all of the designated Local Landmarks & Landmark Heritage Districts of the City of Omaha.  To date there are 106 designated Local Landmark buildings, structures, districts, objects or sites that have been identified and approved by the LHPC, Planning Board and City Council. The first building, the North American Bag Company (Bemis Bag Company) was designated as a Local Landmark in 1978. The last building to be designated as a Local Landmark is the Ernest P. Buffet House, which was designated in 2015.

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LOCAL LANDMARKS & LANDMARK HERITAGE DISTRICTS (*National Register of Historic Places Listing)

A -

*Ackerhurst Dairy Barn, 15220 Military Road

Angeline Hansen Neble Residence, 2752 S. 10th Street

Ansonia Apartments (added to Drake Court and Dartmore Apartments District), 2221-23 Jones Street

*Astro Riviera Theater, 2001 Farnam Street

*Atlas (Allas) Apartments, 1609 Binney Street

Augustus B. Slater Residence, 1050 S. 32nd Street

Automobile Sales Building & Army Corps Laboratory, 420 South 18th Street

B -

*Bank of Florence, 8502 N. 30th Street

*Bemis Bag Company Building, 616 S. 11th Street

Bemis Park Landmark Heritage District, Cuming Street to Hawthorne Avenue, Glenwood Avenue to 33rd Street

Bishop George Worthington Residence, 1240 S 10th Street

*Blackstone Hotel, 302 S. 36th Street

*Bradford/Pettis Residence, 404 S. 39th Street

*Brandeis/Millard House, 500 S. 38th Street/3815 Dewey Avenue

Breckenridge/Gordon Residence, 3611 Jackson Street

*Broatch Building, 1209 Harney Street

Buford House, 1804 North 30th Street

*Burlington Headquarters Building, 1004 Farnam Street

C -

*Calvin Memorial / North Presbyterian Church, 3105 N. 24th Street

*Center School, 1730 S. 11th Street

Carnation Ballroom, 2711 N. 24th Street / 2234 Miami Street

*Charles McLaughlin House, 507 S. 38th Street

Charles Storz House, 1901 Wirt Street

*Christian Specht Building, 1110 Douglas Street

Clarinda and Page Apartments, 3027 Farnam Street & 305-11 Turner Boulevard - (DEMOLISHED)

*Columbian School, 3819 Jones Street

*Creighton Theatre (Orpheum Theater), 409 S. 16th Street / 1501 Harney Street

D -


*Dietz Memorial United Methodist Church1423 S. 10th Street

Dodge Street Pedestrian Bridge, Spanning Dodge Street west of Happy Hollow Boulevard

Dr. Paul A. Grossman Apartments, 102-108 S. 36th Street

*Drake Court and Dartmore Apartments District, Jones Street, 20th to 23rd Streets & 701 S. 22nd Street


*Edgar Zabriskie House, 3524 Hawthorne Avenue

*Eggerss O'Flyng Building, 801 S. 15th Street

Ernest P. Buffet House, 1015 S. 30th Avenue

F -

*Federal Office Building , 106 S. 15th Street

*Florentine Apartments, 907 S. 25th Street

*First Unitarian Church of Omaha, 3114 Harney Street

Fort Omaha Guardhouse, 3000 Fort Street

G -

G. F. Epeneter Residence, 502 N. 40th Street

*Gallagher Building, 1902 06 S. 13th Street

George F. Shepard Residence, 1802 Wirt Street

*George H. Kelly House, 1924 Binney Street

George N. Hicks House, 3017 Pacific Street

*Georgia Row House, 1040 S. 29th Street

Goodrich Building , 1415 Farnam Street

*Gottlieb Storz House, 3708 Farnam Street

Grand Theater Building , 2920-22 North 16th Street

*Gurdon Wattles House, 320 S. 37th Street

H -

Hicks Terrace, 3005-3011 Pacific Street, 1102 S. 30th Avenue

*Hill Hotel, 505 S. 16th Street

*Holy Family Church, 915 N. 18th Street

J -

J. E. Megeath Residence, 617 N. 90th Street

*Jewell Building (Dreamland Ballroom), 2221-2225 N. 24th Street

*Joel N. Cornish Residence, 1009 William Street

* John A. Horbach Building, 1205-1207 Harney Street

John P. Bay - Thomas A. Fry Residence, 2024 Binney Street

Johnston Building, 1146 S 32nd Street

*Joseph Garneau, Jr. Residence , 3100 Chicago Street

*Joslyn (George A.) Residence, 3902 Davenport Street

K -

Kay Apartment House, 120 North 31st Street

*Kennedy (Union Outfitting) Building , 1517 Jackson Street

Keirle House, 3017 Mormon Street

Kuncl-Hruska House, 1732 S. 15th Street

L -

LaCasa Pizza Sign, 4432 Leavenworth Street

*Livestock Exchange Building, 2900 O Plaza

*Lizzie Robinson House, 2864 Corby Street

M -

*Malcolm X House Site, 3448 Pinkney Street

*Mary Rogers Kimball House , 2236 St. Mary Avenue

Mary Reed Residence, 503 S. 36th Street

*Mason School, 1012 S. 24th Street

Mason Terrace and Van Closter Residence, 1001 Park Avenue & 2911-21 Mason Street

Medlar Building, 416 S. 14th Street

*Melrose Apartments, 602 N. 33rd Street

N -

*Nash Block , 902-912 Farnam Street

*Normandie Apartments, 1102 Park Avenue

*Notre Dame Academy and Convent, 3501 State Street

O -

*Old Market and Wholesale District , Harney to Howard, 10th to 13th & Howard to Jackson, 10th to 12th Streets

*Omaha Bolt, Nut and Screw Building, 1316 Jones Street

*Omaha Public Library, 1823 Harney Street

*Omaha Star Building, 2216 N. 24th Street

P -

*Packer's National Bank Building , 4939 S. 24th Street

*Parlin Orendorff and Martin Plow Co. Building, 707 S. 11th Street

*Park School, 1320 S. 29th Street

Pioneer Mormon Cemetery, 3301 State Street

Pittman Veterinarian Building, 4629 Dodge Street

*Poppleton Block, 1001 Farnam Street

*Porter/Thomsen Residence, 3426 Lincoln Boulevard

Prospect Hill Cemetery , 3202 Parker Street

R -

*Redick Tower , 1504 Harney Street

*Robbins School, 4302 S. 39th Avenue

Robinson Memorial Church of God in Christ, 2318 N. 26th Street

*Rosewater School , 3764 S. 13th Street

S -

*Sacred Heart Church , 2206 Binney Street

*Sanford (Conant) Hotel , 1913 Farnam Street

Saunders Kennedy Building, 203 S 18th Street

*Saunders School , 415 N. 41st Avenue

*Sherman Apartments , 2501 N. 16th Street

Site of Trans Mississippi Exposition, Pinkney to Pratt Streets; 16th to 24th Street

*South Omaha City Hall , 5002 S. 24th Street

Springwell Danish Cemetery, 6326 Hartman Avenue

*St. Cecilia's Cathedral , 701 N. 40th Street

*St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church, 1335 S. 10th Street

*St. John A.M.E. Church , 2402 N. 22nd Street

St. John's Collegiate Church, 2500 California Street

*St. Joseph Parish Complex , 1730 S. 16th Street

*St. Martin of Tours Episcopal Church, 2312 J Street

*St. Philomena's Cathedral and Rectory, 1334 S 10th St

*Steiner Rowhouses, 638-42 S. 19th St./1906-10 Jones Street

*Swartz Printing Company Building , 714 S. 15th Street

T -

*T.C. Havens Residence , 101 N. 39th Street

Tip-Top Tailor's Building , 1802-1806 North 24th Street

U -

Union State Bank Building, 1904 Farnam Street

*Union Passenger Terminal, 801 S. 10th St.

V -

*Vinton School , 2120 Deer Park Boulevard

W -

*Webster Telephone Exchange Building, 2213 Lake Street

West Central-Cathedral Landmark Heritage District, North 38th Street, Capitol Avenue to Cuming Street

*West Farnam Apartments , 3817 Dewey Avenue