Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission


The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation's historic places worthy of preservation. Authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect America's historic and archaeological resources. In Nebraska, the National Register is administered by the Nebraska State Historical Society. The Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission works in cooperation with the NSHS to nominate Omaha properties to the National Register.

The National Register was developed to recognize historic places and those who contributed to our country's heritage. These properties, whether districts, sites, buildings, structures, or objects, are architecturally or archeologically significant or historically significant

for their associations with important persons or events. The National Register is designed to include properties of importance in every locality, not just great national landmarks. A small commercial building, a community park, a private residence, or the remains of a prehistoric village may be eligible for inclusion in the National Register.

Many of Omaha's properties listed on the National Register, which represent important themes in state and/or local history, are identified through surveys performed by the City of Omaha and the ongoing Nebraska Historic Buildings Survey, administered by the Nebraska State Historical Society. Property owners are encouraged to contact the City of Omaha preservation staff if they wish to have their property listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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NATIONAL REGISTER SITES (Douglas County, NE) (* Omaha Local Landmark Designation)

A -

*Ackerhurst-Eipperhurst Dairy Barn, 15220 Military Road

*Allas Apartments, 1609 Binney Street

Anderson Building, 701 S. 24th Street & 2243 Jones Street

Anheuser‑Busch Beer Depot, 1207‑15 Jones Street

Anton Hospe Music Warehouse, 109-111 S. 10th Street

Apartments, Flats and Tenements in Omaha 1880-1962, Multiple Property Document

Apartments at 2514 N. 16th Street, 2514 N. 16th Street

Aquila Court Building, 1615 Howard Street

*Astro Riviera Theater, 2001 Farnam Street

Attached Dwellings in Omaha 1888-1962, Multiple Property Document

B -

*Bank of Florence, 8502 N. 30th Street

Barker Building, 306 S. 15th Street

Beebe & Runyan Warehouse, 105 S. 9th Street

*Bemis Bag Company Building, 614‑24 S. 11th Street & 1102‑18 Jones Street

Bennington State Bank, 15411 S 2nd Street, Bennington

Berkeley Apartments, 649 S. 19th Avenue

*Blackstone Hotel, 302 S. 36th Street

*Bradford/Pettis House, 404 S. 39th Street

*Brandeis/Millard House, 500 S. 38th Street

Broomfield Rowhouse, 2502 Lake Street

*Burlington Headquarters Building, 1004 Farnam Street

Burlington Station, 925 S. 10th Street

C -

Cabanne Archaeological Site, Rural Douglas County

*Calvin Memorial / North Presbyterian Church, 3105 North 24th Street

Carl Penke Farm, 10525 N. 168th Street, Bennington

Capitol Garage, 202 N. 19th Street

*Center School, 1730 S. 11th Street

Champe‑Fremont Archaeological Site, Rural Douglas County

*Charles McLaughlin House, 507 S. 38th Street

Chiodo Apartments, 2556 Marcy Street

*Christian Specht Building, 1110 Douglas Street

City National Bank Building, 405 S. 16th Street

*Columbian School, 3819 Jones Street

*Cornish House, 1404 So. 10th Street

Country Club Historic District, Roughly 50th to 56th Streets, Corby to Seward Streets

*Creighton Theatre (Orpheum Theater), 409 S. 16th Street / 1501 Harney Street

D -

Danish Brotherhood Headquarters Building, 3717 Harney Street

Douglas County Courthouse, 1701 Farnam Street

*Drake Court Historic District, Jones Street, 20th to 23rd Streets

Dr. Samuel D. Mercer House, 3920 Cuming Street

Druid Hall, 2412 Ames Avenue

Drummond Motor Company Building, 2570 Farnam Street

Dundee/Happy Hollow Historic District, Roughly Hamilton on N., J.E. George & Happy Hollow on W., Leavenworth Street on S., 48th on E.

E -

*Edgar Zabriskie House, 3524 Hawthorne Avenue

*Eggerss‑O'Flyng Building, 801 S. 15th Street

F -

Fairacres Historic District, Roughly Dodge Street to the South; North 62nd Street to the East; California Street & Fairacres Road to the North; North 68th Street to the West.

Farm Credit Building, 206 S. 19th Street

Farnam Building, 1607-1617 Farnam Street

Father Flanagan House, Boys Town

Father Flanagan's Boys' Home, Boys Town

*Federal Office Building, 106 S. 15th Street

Field Club Historic District, Roughly 32nd Avenue to 36th St; Center to Pacific Streets

Firestone Tire and Rubber Building, 2600 Farnam Street

First National Bank Building, 300 S. 16th Street

*First Unitarian Church of Omaha, 3114 Harney Street

Flatiron Hotel, 1722 St. Mary's Avenue

*Florentine Apartments, 907 S. 25th Street

Ford Hospital, 121‑129 S. 25th Street

Fort Omaha Historic District, 30th Street between Fort Street and Laurel Avenue

Frank Parker Archaeological Site, Rural Douglas County

G -

*Gallagher Building, 1902‑06 S. 13th Street

*Garneau/Kilpatrick House, 3100 Chicago Street

General George Crook House, Fort Omaha, 3000 Fort Street

*George H. Kelly House, 1924 Binney Street

*Georgia Row House, 1040‑44 S. 29th Street

Gold Coast Historic District, Roughly 36th to 40th Streets, Jones to Cuming Streets

*Gottlieb Storz House, 3708 Farnam Street

Guy Barton House, 3512 Farnam Street - (demolished)

H -

Hanscom Apartments, 1029 Park Avenue

*Havens-Page House, 101 N. 39th Street

Henry B. Neef House, 2884 Iowa Street

*Hill Hotel, 509 S. 16th Street

*Holy Family Church, 915 N. 18th Street

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, 4912 Leavenworth Street

Howard Street Apartment district, Roughly 22nd to 24th St, Harney Street to Landon Court

H. Thiessen Pickle Company, 3101 S. 24th Street

Hupmobile Building, 2523-25 Farnam Street

I -

Immaculate Conception Church and School, 2708 S. 24th Street

Immanuel Deaconess Institute Nurses' Home and School for Nursing

3483 Larimore Avenue

J -

J. A. Gross Commercial Building, 4801-11 Northwest Radial Highway

J. C. Robinson House, E. Lincoln Avenue, Waterloo

J. L. Brandeis & Sons Store Building, 210 S. 16th Street

*Jewell Building (Dreamland Hall), 2221‑25 N. 24th Street

Jobber's Canyon Historic District, 8th to 10th, Farnam Street to Jackson Street - (demolished)

*Joel N. Cornish Residence 1009 William Street

John E. Reagan House, 2102 Pinkney Street

*Joslyn (George A.) Mansion3902 Davenport Street

K -

Keeline Building, 319 S. 17th Street

*Kennedy (Union Outfitting) Building, 1517 Jackson Street

Kirschbraun & Sons Creamery Warehouse, 901 Dodge Street

L -

Lincoln Highway, County Road between 180th & 191st Street

*Livestock Exchange Building, 2900 O Plaza

*Lizzie Robinson House, 2864 Corby Street

The Logan, 1804 Dodge Street

M -

M.A. Disbrow & Co. Building, 1201-1221 Nicholas St, 1206, 1218, 1224 Izard Street

M.F. Shafer & Co. Building, 1624 Webster Street

The Margaret, 2103 N. 16th Street

*Malcolm X House Site, 3448 Pinkney Street

*Mary Rogers Kimball House, 2236 St. Mary's Avenue

*Mason School, 1012 S. 24th Street

*Melrose Apartments, 602 N. 33rd Street

Memmen Apartments, 2214, 2216, 2218 & 2220 Florence Boulevard

Meyer and Raapke, 1403-1407 Harney Street

Military Road Segment, 82nd & Fort Streets

Minne Lusa Residential Historic District, Bounded by Redick Avenue & Vane Street; N. 30th & N. 24th Streets

Minnie Parker Archeological Site, Rural Douglas County

Moses Block, 1234-44 S. 13th Street

Moyer Row Houses, 2612, 2614, 2616, 2618 Dewey Avenue

N -

*Nash Block, 902‑12 Farnam Street

National Indemnity Company Headquarters, 3024 Harney Street

Nebraska Buick Automobile Company, 1901 Howard Street

Nebraska School for the Deaf, 3223 North 45th Street

Nicholas Street Historic District, Bounded by N. 11th St, Izard St, N. 14th Street

*Normandie Apartments, 1102 Park Avenue

Northern Natural Gas Headquarters Building, 2223 Dodge Street

North 24th and Lake Streets Historic District

Northwestern Bell Telephone Company Regional Headquarters, 100 S. 19th Street

*Notre Dame Academy and Convent, 3501 State Street

Nottingham Apartments, 3304 Burt Street

O -

Oft-Gordon House, 11523 N. 156th Street, Bennington

*Old Market Historic District, 11th & Howard Street - (1 block demolished)

Old People's Home, 3325 Fontenelle Blvd.

Olson's Market, 6115 Maple Street

*Omaha Bolt, Nut and Screw Building, 1316 Jones Street

Omaha Central High School, 124 N. 20th Street

Omaha Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant, 1514-24 Cuming Street

Omaha National Bank Building, 1650 Farnam Street

Omaha Park and Boulevard System, Citywide

Omaha Power Plant Building, 505 Marcy Street

*Omaha Public Library, 1823 Harney Street

Omaha Quartermaster Depot, Roughly bound by Hickory Street, 22nd Street, Woolworth Avenue, and 20th Street

Omaha Rail and Commerce District, Roughly bound by Jackson, 15th, 8th Streets and UP Main Line

*The Omaha Star, 2216 N. 24th Street

On Leong Tong House, 1518 Cass Street

Ottawa Block, 2401 Farnam Street

P -

*Packer's National Bank, 4939 S. 24th Street

Park Avenue Apartment District, Roughly Park Avenue at Leavenworth Street

*Park School, 1320 S. 29th Street

Peerless Motor Company; 2562, 2564 Harney Street

Polish Home, 4701 S. 25th Street

*Poppleton Block, 1001 Farnam Street

Porter-Thomsen House, 3426 Lincoln Blvd.

Prague Hotel, 1402 S. 13th Street

R -

*Redick Tower, 1504 Harney Street

*Robbins School, 4302 S. 39th Avenue

Rose Realty-Securities Building, 305 S. 16th Street

*Rosewater School, 3764 S. 13th Street

S -

*Sacred Heart Catholic Church Complex, 2218 Binney Street

Saddle Creek Underpass, Dodge Street over Saddle Creek Road

*Saint Matthias Episcopal Church, 1423 S. 10th Street

*Sanford (Conant) Hotel, 1913 Farnam Street

*Saunders School, 415 S. 41st Avenue

Scottish Rite Cathedral, 202 S. 20th Street

Scott-Omaha Tent & Awning Company, 1501 Howard Street

Selby Apartments, 830 S. 37th Street, 3710 Marcy Street, 825 S. 37th Avenue

Selma Terrace, 630, 634 and 636 Park Avenue

*Sherman Apartments, 2501 N. 16th Street

Simon Brothers Company Building/Ford Warehouse Building, 1024 Dodge Street

South Omaha Bridge, U.S. Highway 275, State Highway 92 over Missouri River

South Omaha Main Street Historic District, 4723‑5002 S. 24th Street

*St. John A.M.E. Church, 2402 N. 22nd Street

*St. Joseph Parish Complex, 1730 S. 16th Street

*St. Martin of Tours Episcopal Church, 2312 J Street

*St. Philomena's Cathedral and Rectory, 1335 S. 10th Street

St. Richard’s Catholic School and Rectory, 4318 & 4320 Fort Street

Stabrie Grocery, 501 N. 13th Street

Standard Oil Company Building, 500 S. 18th Street

*Steiner Rowhouse #1 & #2, 638‑40‑42 S. 19th Street & 1906‑08‑10 Jones Street

*St. Cecilia's Cathedral, 701 No. 40th Street

Strehlow Terrace, 2024 & 2107 N. 16th Street

Swartz Printing Company Building, 714 S. 15th Street

Swoboda Bakery Building, 1422 William Street

T -

10th & Pierce Car Barn, 1100 Pierce Street

Terrace Court Apartments, 836, 840, 842 Park Avenue

Traver Brothers Row Houses Historic District, 1607-2601 Jones Street and 651-672 S. 26th Avenue

Trinity Cathedral, 113 No. 18th Street

Turner Court Apartments, 3106 Dodge Street

Twin Towers, 3000-3002-1/2 Farnam; 3001 Douglas Street

U -

U.S.S. Hazard Road and U.S. S. Marlin, 2497 Freedom Park Road

Undine Apartments, 2620-2626 Dewey Avenue

*Union Passenger Terminal, 801 S. 10th Street

V -

Vinton School, 2120 Deer Park Blvd.

Vinton Street Commercial District, Vinton Street between Elm & 17th Streets

W -

Weber Mill, 9102 N. 30th Street

*Webster Telephone Exchange Building, 2213 Lake Street

West Lawn Mausoleum, 5701 Center Street

Wohlner’s Neighborhood Grocery, 5203 Leavenworth Street