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Guidelines photo 1 thumb medium300 0    Omaha Historic Preservation Design Guidelines (project slated to begin later in 2020)

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Historic Streetcar

2017 Omaha Historic Streetcar System Intensive Level Survey

The Historic Streetcar System ILS identified development patterns that occurred as the streetcar network expanded throughout Omaha between 1868 and 1955. Commercial clusters in these areas are closely associated with walkable, pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods, a goal of many modern urban redevelopment projects. As the neighborhoods in the older sections of Omaha continue to evolve, the underlying pattern of development that many were founded upon may erode, leaving the defining characteristics of many historic areas under direct threat and vulnerable to loss. This study allows planners, preservationists, and residents to better understand what exists in Omaha and how walkable, historic neighborhood commercial centers can be supported in future growth and development.